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Labour Sheds We have an array of designs for labor sheds that are built keeping with the international standards and for meeting the needs of industries across different verticals. These readily available sheds are available in various sizes and are easy to install and have the ability to withstand the extreme weather conditions and can be fitted with an air-conditioner.
Factory Sheds Designed in accordance with the industry parameters, our factory sheds are available in different specifications. Rugged construction and robust designs make these factory sheds extra durable and easy to maintain. They are compatible to various weather conditions and are corrosion resistant. You also have the choice of sizes which can be customized according to your specific space needs.
Storage Containers Our industrial and modular storage containers are designed with precise construction and are made of premium quality materials procured from the best sources. These containers are easy to install, flexible and available in a range of colors. Designed in accordance with the international industry standards, these containers can be customized to your needs and are available for instant delivery.